Melodies for High Holiday Services

The song “Return Again”

A song about teshuvah — return and repentance — the primary theme of the High Holidays. Returning to God, to our true and best selves, to spiritual purity.

Return again, return again, return to the land of your soul. (2x)
Return to who you are, return to what you are, return to where you are, *shuvah*, *shuvah*….


The Thirteen Attributes of God

The repeated chant of the 13 attributes of God.

Adonai — compassion before a person sins;
Adonai — compassion after a person has sinned;
El — mighty in compassion to give all creatures according to their need;
Rachum — merciful, that humankind may not be distressed;
Chanun — gracious if humankind is already in distress;
Erech appayim — slow to anger;
Rav chesed — plenteous in mercy;
Emet — truth;
Notzer chesed laalafim — keeping mercy unto thousands;
Noseh avon — forgiving iniquity;
Noseh peshah — forgiving transgression;
Noseh chatah — forgiving sin;
Venakeh — and pardoning.


Ve ‘al kulam

Our refrain throughout our litany of sins and errors in the confessions.

Ve ‘al kulam, Eloha Selichot, selach lanu, m’chal lanu, kaper lanu.

And for all of these, God of Pardons, pardon us, forgive us, grant us atonement.