Shavuot 2012

SHAVUOT at Temple Beth Sholom!

Saturday night, May 26th at 8pm

The holiday of Shavuot is coming, and

Temple Beth Sholom will mark it in two traditional ways:

Torah study and cheesecake!

Join Temple Beth Sholom for a heimish (relaxed) celebration of the holiday

featuring a dairy dessert buffet

(as a pluralistic community, we welcome cheesecake, blintzes, ice cream, tiramisu, etc.)

and a chance to learn with Rabbi David Dunn Bauer,

who led us lovingly through the High Holidays this past year.

Shavuot commemorates the original revelation of Torah on Mount Sinai.

We will look at some of the oldest texts in our tradition and some of the newest ones.

Our questions for the night are:

“What did revelation mean in the past?

What does it mean to us in 2012?

How do ancient teachings support us?

What do we need to add?”

Temple Beth Sholom invites everyone to this event,

people of all ages and genders, people of all faiths or none.

Come join us, learn with us, nosh with us, see old friends,

and make new ones on this night of delicious treats and fun Jewish traditions!


The Library at the Masonic Center

2500 Masonic Drive

San Jose, CA 95125

8pm – 10:30pm

For more information, call (408) 978-5566


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